Institute for Criminology and JusticeNew Report: Child Abuse and Child Trafficking by Secret Societies,Key Findings,By Sigrid E. Agocsi

The Institute for Criminology and Justice:
New Report: Child Abuse and Child Trafficking by Secret Societies,

Key Findings,
By Sigrid E. Agocsi

  • Accordingly to whistleblowers, who are former members of secret societies like freemasons and templar knights, rosecrucians, satanists amongst others, their families were already part of the organisation for more than two generations, and they were brought up in an air of secrecy and superiority and exclusivity and isolation towards the world outside the membership of the secret society.
  • Theft, slander, fraud, torture, acts of flash mobbing and terrorism, high treason and even murder and mass extinction and hate crimes were seen as a way of life and making an additional living and climbing the career ladder up to honours list under impunity and controlling the outside world, which is seen as ‘inferior’ and ‘in need of culling’.
  • It emerged that secret societies scout, and select and groom children from vulnerable backgrounds via corrupt teachers and support teachers but also health visitors, doctors, nurses, social workers and child therapists, who are also members and break their confidentiality and professional codex knowingly for bribery,  property or access to favours.
  • The older and  at face value as traditional and successfully as charitable posing a secret society is – often interwoven with some kind of occult or spiritual purpose lore involving degree work and ceremonial rites and costumes with pomp and circumstance – the more organised and oiled for smooth clockwork operations tends their established circle of abuse and organised crime and facilities and networks of covering up even murder seems to be.


  • Bishops and Lords of freemasonry/templar knights and of other such organisations have been instrumental under abuse of their personal impunity and via diplomatic immunity to also manipulate and corrupt or threaten governmental facilities and local authorities. F.ex. Were poor parents or parents with a vulnerable medical history systematically slandered by secret society members as their neighbours, health or education professionals, or the targets were driven into insanity by gaslighting and psychological warfare systematically to gain access to the children and to remove them forcefully for adoption or further abuse in an institution, in which the children were then without real protection from harm and sex exploitation.


  • Towhistleblowers and victims alike the very omnipotent possibility of murder and cover up of murder of whistleblowers and victims was a constant reality, as highest ranking hierarchy members had their system of death cohorts and network of ‘disposal’ strategically placed , and there seems to be a set of roles for forensic cleaners and plotters in many a community.


  • Due to the unique sphere of influence and powers of Lords and bishops, accordingly to whistleblowers, the former abused their impunity and immunity to place secret society members in parishes purposefully and strategically as moles and sleepers for organised criminality and abuse and  future fascist and terrorist/anarchist activity.


  • London’s East End (Hackney and Tower Hamlets) and Islington were mentioned especially as being hotspots of secret ‘fourth empire’ cohorts with established connections to fascism, terrorism and organised criminality but also to psychological warfare and torture specialists trained by a certain internationally operating priory, who even abuses military and governmental property to train and groom children into warfare physically and psychologically as sleepers. Interactive violent computer games are also used and miniature mobbing attacks are carried out in school playgrounds, where secret societies have access.


  • Children of secret society members have been equally abused by parents and other members, iften under the disguise of rituals or special religious activities, or at night, in a drugged state, so that their memories were blurred.


  • Teachers, priests and social workers, who blew the whistle were told by children, who broke down in their class or conversation, when without their parents, that their parents threatened them ‘not to say a word even about their parents’ divorce or about scars and wounds’.


  • Children of so-called privilege had been subjected to a murderous attempt by their own parents and teachers in a school at night, where they were forcefully drugged and thrown into a pool to make it look like an accident. These children had blown the whistle to a therapist, who turned out to be a member of their parents’ and teachers’ secret society,too. Other children had to watch on as a deterrant!


  • Whistleblowers and victims confirmed that they were monitored regularly on their loyalty and silence about the organised criminality and abuse that was also openly discussed by members as a way of ‘training’ or more or less hidden or blunt threats, should they speak out to the police.


  • Secret Society Members were accordingly to whistleblowers and victims imposing a culture and life style of secrecy and hierarchy of evil on their family, with categories like masters and slaves.
  • It emerged from testimonials that elite schools were often chosen as extended secret society circle of high privilege, with sometimes already the third or fourth generation of children being trapped in a culture of artificially and violently into them drilled attitude of superiority as a social group but with each child also being kept in check by peers feeding into insecurities and treating a lower rank or outsiders as ‘inferior’.
  • Secret Societies like freemasons, templar knights, rosecrucians, pagan and Satanist circles were accordingly to whistleblowers grooming their own children and those of their friends and wider family and in their community into a life style of abuse and gradually into organised criminality, with each child being trained into a ‘speciality’ of sorts and into roles based on the society’s set of negative ‘values’ – i.e. climbing up the snake ladder via the ten commandments reversed and acted out as opposite vices.

(Starting with theft as opposed to ‘You shall not steal’, or slander as contrary to ‘You  shall not bear false witness’, and the highest ranks even having to kill with poison or a sword or ritual knife in defiance of ‘You shall not kill’ and by abusing God’s names and committing acts of desecration and blasphemy and of another human being’s strategic humiliation and degradation.)

  • Members of secret societies are scanning nurseries and schools and playgrounds  for vulnerable children and befriend them often with gifts and carefully staged invitations, and try to alienate them from their parents.
  • Members of secret societies are recruiting other adults to join their criminal network, which often starts with a process and chain of at first lauding a potential recruit’s achievements or skills or character traits, then of grooming via special invitations and with gifts, and bribery, or an offer of property, or access to top facilities, scholl places or career moves, depending on the agenda and possibilities of abuse of impunity and authority of the secret society.
  • Accordingly to whistleblowers of secret societies, some of the oldest and influential ones even abused their status of diplomatic immunity and impunity to commit organised criminality and child abuse and child trafficking locally and internationally with members placed strategically in public service, social services and local authorities and schools, charities and nurseries and clinics, even therapist facilities and doctors surgeries to gain access to records and to cover up their tracks and to ommit their crimes or to falsefy papers from any registry.
  • Victims of secret society abuse have described and voiced their agony about having been abused by their own parents and their friends and being drugged and raped and ritually abused at night in cathedrals, museums, and other public places like schools and pools, and of being trapped by threats  and blackmail into a culture of vulture mentality and into the big silence about the evil.
  • Survivors  of secret society abuse described their trauma as ‘having to live as a walking dead’ in constant fear of the next episode of psychological warfare and humiliation and degradation as human beings and of physical torture paired with the threat of repercussions and even ‘execution’, should they speak out about their ordeal.
  • Children of secret societies were only allowed access to doctors, therapists and schools that were approved and on the paylist of the societies, so that records could be manipulated and no abuse was registered – with the professionals this committing criminal acts by either falsefying records or by ommitting facts that would be vital evidence for the parents’ or societies’ prosecution.
  • In one case, a social worker blew the whistle on various secret societies that had teamed up and had abused government facilities under impunity and under abuse of of their access to security and authority, in order to set up a bogus social services department that forcefully and illegally removed vulnerable and by adventure playground inside-social workers scanned and groomed children from their parents and trafficked the children for adoption and bodyparts and organ trafficking and for sex exploitation.

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