Happy honest and decent Turtle or murderous Tortoise? Beware of werewolves under diplomatic immunity and impunity not just in Lords’ Bishop Hierarchy! Institute for Criminology and Justice: Report on Abuse and Organised Criminality under abuse of diplomatic Immunity and Impunity: Update on Key Findings, By Sigrid E. Agocsi


Happy honest and decent Turtle or murderous Tortoise? Beware of werewolves under diplomatic immunity and impunity not just in Lords’ Bishop Hierarchy! 

Institute for Criminology and Justice: 
Report on Abuse and Organised Criminality under abuse of diplomatic Immunity and Impunity: 
Update on Key Findings, 

By Sigrid E. Agocsi

* Accordingly to whistleblowing clergy and other victims churchwardens and members of the parish council boards have systematically and strategically been recruited by bishops for organised criminality, who have boasted with their impunity via inner fascist circles of old CIA connections, especially but not exclusively from the era of Prime Ministers Blair and Brown.
* Bishops have interwoven memberships on boards of banks, multi-national companies and gentlemen clubs and societies they were joining upon being made bishops or Lords or due to other privileges, which they abused for plotting organised criminality and acts of terror and anarchy to bring about systematically even with ‘Vatican cameos’ and with an ethnically to evil ‘modified masterrace obsessed’ diplomatic corps and political members of the Commonwealth or the relatives thereof placed in parish council boards and wards strategically ‘a fourth empire of a new fascist world order’ with the Anglican and Vatican hierarchies providing training facilities for fascist werewolves and para-military mercenaries.
*Monasteries and priories were also used locally and nationally and internationally for Jackal style fascist and mercenary spynetworks, especially involving also and particularly the Elderly and old families each known for their criminal affiliations and specialities, many also even taking the blame and prison sentence for high profile secret society members, who engaged in criminal actions and even murder and were covertly even officially covered up and cleaned up under abuse of a seal and authority.
* Bishops and churchwardens and members of parish council boards also ran their own rings of twelves,each committing a whole host of crimes, including organised piratery, human trafficking, and conspiracy to crimes and high treason, often boastingly towards their victims, as they felt sure of their diplomatic immunity and impunity.
* Churchwardens and other secret society members of the parish often were given administrative and teaching or special needs and therapy facility posts in nursery schools and primary schools or after school facilities and charities and in social services or hospitals and universities to screen systematically children from backgrounds of high vulnerability for widespread grooming and organised child abuse. Clergy were often placed as governors in schools, albeit involuntarily, once they found out the sinister motives behind the bishop’s orders and reported every crime secretly.
* Centres of such criminal and treasonous activity were and are especially cathedrals and city churches, and private elite membership clubs, like the Athenaeum, and the Reform and Military and Navy Clubs, who were accordingly to former members and surviving victims also infiltrated by church hierarchy. This is by no means a national but an international pattern of secret societies like freemasonry and Rosecrucians and templar knights, to name but a few with a long track record of notoriety, and who recruit and operate internationally. Secret codes are also reflected in clothing and life style choices.
* In all organised criminality of the secret societies and church hierarchies there was and is an common element of involved corrupt judiciary and blackmail and bribery of judges and officials in high places and abuse of their seal and authority that facilitated and processed the sheer extent and criminal spiderweb activity and cover ups in a long term arrangement without consequences to the offenders! It can be safely said that there exists especially in church and judiciary and political and scientific and economic elite circles a more than cynical culture of preying vultures on society!
* This evil culture of secret society organised criminality under abuse of immunity and impunity must be addressed legaly urgently to stop also covertly sponsored terrorism internationally! The recommendation and obligation for governments and jurisdiction is to revoke impunity and diplomatic immunity, if they have been abused for organised criminality and high treason, and to alert all authorities to the real possibilities of acts of terror disguised as human error also in public transport companies and in aviation, as members of secret societies serve per se their death cult philosophy!

Institute for Criminology and Justice:
New Report on Abuse and Organised Criminality under abuse of diplomatic Immunity and Impunity: Update on Key Findings,
By Sigrid E. Agocsi

Accordingly to victims some churchwardens&priests blew whistle on templar knights and freemason bishops’bugging of vicarages&churches&abused confession confidentiality for blackmail and threatening strategies.

It was emerging that impunity and diplomatic impunity have been abused systematically internationally by corrupt church&other hierarchy and that law enforcement officers and whole departments were prevented by threats from enforcing legislation& whistleblowers were put on all kinds of measures of isolation, degradation and deprivation and even attacks on their lives and some were framed or killed and their torture and deaths covered up. Officers were also subjected to strategic character assassination, so that departments were dissolved and the corrupt ones regrouped on higher levels, whilst officers with integrity were sidelined or framed.
It was noted that transparency must be in the interest of every nation&that the law enforcement must not be prevented from investigating and prosecuting, but bad fruit of corruption should not be immune from prosecution, especially, where even a royal seal had been abused to facilitate a high court judge’s approval of fake&corrupt’top authorisation’. It emerged, f.ex., that even identities and DNA of other persons of high clearance or diplomatic immunity was stolen and used by privileged abusers of impunity to run their own lodges’ organised criminality.
Templars and freemasons run units of twelves – on all levels of their degree work they operate on the counter-clockwise system of the ten commandments, and reenforce with tests=unlawful or at least immoral acts the ten commandments as vices. So, accordingly to their degree they have to slander, steal, commit fraud, acquire killing skills and for the highest degree have to kill, and seal their heinous acts with the blood of their victims and worse.
It has been established by testimonials and whistleblowers that for every grand master of a lodge with twelve, there is a potential and real record of crimes committed times twelves and for every ritual knife times was taken a life, as each member is called to recruit their own twelves.
This old system has been intertwined with organised criminality from the beginning of such templar knights and freemasonry and also other secret societies that started later and emerged as independent smokescreens to disguise the real origin of the Vatican and some other religious entities.
Any pope took over from his predecessor also the instructions including the overlapping and mapping in the see of Dover, as was confirmed by whistleblowing Swiss Guards and cardinals in voluntary inner emigration from their criminal institution. The older a lodge or such secret society the bigger their spiderweb and net of facilities and specialities that they offer also as mercenaries for a bit on the side that they in blackhole tax havens, often via the round table bank in the Vatican, from the treasuries hide.
The terrorist threat by these societies is extremely big, as they high finance via an international spiderweb also fascists and extremists and even themselves disguise ‘for fun’ as such in order to create anarchy and fear across any border because they aim at a new world order, with old style kingdoms and monarchic hierachies.
These plots of high treason have been even boasted in inner fascist/freemasonry/Templars&other secret circles in church&society, who abuse unblushingly and with utter arrogance and unblushingly their impunity for organised criminality and warmongery, accordingly to churchwardens and clergy, who blew under great risk to their lives on the tyranny of the ritual knives the whistle.
Leaders and members of such secret societies raise already their children in the evil spirit with the murdering of everybody, who is in their way or ‘bores’ them as a real option and with cover ups as a perfect murder possibility in one’s grasp and with thr abuse of their wider family as personal battleground and lethal playing field.
Swiss guards and a few Vatican cardinals and archbishops from both, Vatican and Anglican hierarchy did admit that from the level of bishopry all candidates have to give their vow officially to God and Jesus Christ but they do at the same time give an oath to the devil and to reverse all good and to commit evil, as they have to serve Baal, the top demon, whom they passed as a god and his demonology and the snake, and make that also included in the package their secret torture rituals in a sealed wing in the Vatican used for all sorts of torture facilities, and bloody rituals with top hierarchies with their secret society members also from wider higher society playing via a designer dentistry’s specification Vampire or bat. This was also confirmed by a dentist from Camden and former ‘slaves’, who had to serve such hierarchies in naves.
Abuse of impunity in top church hierarchy has led for the whistleblowers of fears for their own and their family’s and friends’ lives and loss of liberty&fears of false allegations.
Accordingly to whistleblowing bishops they abused impunity to strategically slander targeted parents via their churches to facilitate forced adoptions unlawfully.
Accordingly to whistleblowing clergy,who escaped said they were mugged,raped,gagged&with false allegations tagged&many killed.
Accordingly to boys&young men they were groomed into male prostitution in secret church hierarchy&into slavery&deprivation of liberty.
Accordingly to many girls they were systematically groomed into secret society ritual abuse under bishop impunity&at age 11 raped and also impregnated by highest hierarchy.
Accordingly to whistleblowers from an inner fascist/freemasonry/Templars&other secret circles in church&society they also abused impunity and gained under false pretence access to top secret research facilities and universities, and stole eggs and sperm and medication and equipment on a wide scale regularly and sold on confidential data to mercenaries.

Accordingly to othet report key findings bishops used bribery,threats&sorcery,even silencing&death spellbinding&foremost mob criminality.
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Investigative Sciences Specialist Consultancy

Sigrid E. (Ziggy) Agocsi,

Founder, The Institute for Criminology and Justice

Consultant and forensic poet, writer and artist

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Investigative Sciences Specialist Consultancy

Sigrid E. (Ziggy) Agocsi,



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