When Princess Alice and Captain Kidd team up for justice through the truth not just about ship disasters but also for some news blasters of a Skip that bribed and killed for a U-turn even the Thames church pews! And with dead bodies of abused victims also the canal filled! By Sigrid E. Agocsi

When Princess Alice and Captain Kidd team up for justice through the truth not just about ship disasters but also for some news blasters of a Skip that bribed and killed for a U-turn even the Thames church pews! And with dead bodies of abused victims also the canal filled!
 Justice is calling truth for help and the Marine Police is already at the arrested sea kelp screaming, who under abuse of impunity infested many a community with organised criminality! 
By Sigrid E. Agocsi
And not just the returning faeces of the flushing toilets from the time of a Princess Alice ship disaster are streaming visibly even on the water surface and in Westminster Palace they are not dreaming, that the latest arrest warrants against members and Lords are coming flooding in with a stink and a news blaster at an eye’s blink of Churchill time, when even Lord freemasonry Lord Bishops are charged with high treason and organised crime! 
As Her Majesty did revoke their diplomatic immunity and impunity and dissolved their every secret society and demands that wrong be put right without any further bloody fight and does from now on her gates to any further debates about a deal into the church hierarchy herself shuts and orders for enabling compensation to be paid radical cuts and closure of desecrated buildings and forensic investigation and by the former Lords and Bishops sentenced as part of their punishment a raid also on their second and third and fourth homes, where they kept mistresses and a maid and not just under the domes!
By the time truth is screaming from the water for justice it is already bloodstained and nowadays even black as oil and its habitat in utter distress and turmoil from the greed of man-made destructions of soil, marine life and even rocks and beaches, and by a church hierarchy that never lives, what it preaches and only its law offenders and law benders generously forgives, but to the poor children only empty promises gives contrary to what it teaches!
The almost 700 victims of the Princess Alice disaster died within three minutes in a river of faeces and urine and poisoned wine and it is by greed programmed for history to repeat itself without the need to consult any sophisticated and manipulated bookshelf!
And there won’t be any saviour left, who can free a most rotten, corrupt and unbegotten see from its own curses and spells of hells enforced by smokescreens of organised criminality, as they will come back to haunt only those, who in greed and a need for piratery obsession overdose, and who always make on the truth and peace and justice at the cost of lives lost concessions, and who will board luxurious cruise ships that are monstrous skips on water.
In their spacious cabin the stolen treasures and artefacts and gems beyond measures that they hoard will go under with them to the bottom of the sea that is so pitch-black that they cannot even a single layer of oil on the bottom soil stack! 
The lack of any conscience drove them this far, and they even did into each other’s and big banks hack but in the end, there won’t be any opportunity to amend their evil ways, as the one good God, whom they despise has finally given up on them and left and has their demons named and shamed, and his true family he has flown or driven or walked home to where they once came from – 
to their own parallel universe that is even on earth lovely and not a trifle sinister or perverse but most diverse, peaceful and all of the one happy family live in human dignity and harmony and with only for their defence a rifle, and with fresh bread and food also for the unexpected friend, who is also family, in every kitchen hearth!
It is nowhereland, where nobody but those, who obeyed their conscience dwell and where they are free of hell and where they all have a wise or funny story to tell, and each other even from baby age on important matters with one look or an orally recited ancient poem or book advise!
But the sandcastles and ships of greed will lie everywhere in tatters and thus a whole empire of aryan and whatnot masterrace obsession and delusion shatters and will grind down like a mill stone those, who die in their own inflicted agony not just in their mind of having no longer any use for the abuse of impunity for their committed organised criminality that they from official records omitted!
And whilst drowning in their own returning excrements and crocodile self-pity tears for fears of their backfiring curses and plots of a murderous hit by sheer force of the bursting and overflooding blackgold gone matte sea, even their overfilled purses, with which they bribed corrupt artifically vibed doctors and death nurses, still none of the evildoers repents and rejects even the idea to jump onto a tiny boat and to live as refugee in a tent!
And so the story of the unavoidable demise of the very last ship will not end in glory and as one huge skip without the chance of a u-turn for criminals, who even did the breast milk of many a butchered new mother into butter churn to mock the land of milk and honey, whilst they recited during the ritual of hell a death spell in trance and gave to the newborn ripped out of his mother’s womb baby a dark Lord’s first glance.
There are things that some of humanity’s finest have to stomach every day and night, when they work as a marine or other police officers and ambulance crew overlong shifts, and those, whom they can save from that kind of scenario, they shelter from the secret societies’ brutal and inhuman helter-skelter that some indulge in under abuse of diplomatic immunity and impunity, and even a pope in an East London community. 
Ask the doctors and police officers and bodyguards, what they had to endure and were forced at times to cover up under the Holyrood Vatican-Anglican organised crime and paedophiles shelter agreement! 
Fortunately, there are many whistleblowers, who have gone to the courts not just for injunctions the extra-square mile and made it to the duty judge with the help of invisible good 

people, who laid down their own lives to the culture of the vultures of freemasonry to defend poor children and whistleblowers and survivors against the lies and ritual knives of freemasonry and templar knights and Rosecrucian and the latters’ plots for crimes also against humanity in joint enterprise – 
and they can no longer deny that their secret societies are dangerous associations, as they have been identified in all united nations unified in the need to revoke diplomatic immunity and impunity, if they have been abused intentfully to facilitate organised criminality and in many cases also high treason, especially in every religious, abused as smokescreen, season!
The Taskforce of the truth is ready, steady and GO, at a moment’s notice and brings justice about most efficiently and peacefully simply by fulfilling by the little black book their duty, even if that does not suit the foes, who cause under abuse of impunity and immunity that can now be revoked routinely, as the former high court judge, who did abuse also a royal seal can no longer provide from exile a deal! 
And with so much secret society excrement also in the Nile shore he won’t have much fun, when the Egyptian mercenaries, whom he failed to pay with the stolen Bank of England paper templar knights blanco cheques, point at him their previously delivered forbidden gun!

And he runs from any kind of nuns even in the pyramid shade and out into the sun, although the doctor this strictly come dancing forbade! 

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Investigative Sciences Specialist Consultancy

Sigrid E. (Ziggy) Agocsi,



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