Above the law? Another Asprey value ‘carat’ by Monarch, who is at least in title ‘Defender of the Faith’ and Head of a Church, and with whom the buck in many things should stop, that were allowed to go on in her Church of England,By Sigrid E. Agocsi

 Above the law? Another Asprey value ‘carat’ by Monarch, who is at least in title ‘Defender of the Faith’ and Head of a Church, and with whom the buck in many things should stop, that were allowed to go on in her Church of England,
By Sigrid E. Agocsi
Church of England ‘will change’ after abuse report

The top hierarchy, from bishopry onwards, commits organised criminality and child trafficking and abuse systematically under abuse of impunity, nationally and internationally, accordingly to witnesses, victims and whistleblowers, and intertwined also with German hierarchy of Vatican and Anglican and Lutheran hierarchy – what churches are this, who are not taken up by the judiciary in every country on their responsibility?!
Who steal, abuse and even kill unblushingly and bluntly and boastingly with ritual knives – the ones that abuse diplomatic immunity and their stakes in property and the share market and stack blackhole money in secret offshore accounts internationally and use the freemasonry and templar knights heresy and structure secretly to facilitate warmongery and sponsorship of mercenaries behind their smokescreens of charcoal! 
Occasionally, one or a few are thrown to the wolves but the werewolves like Mr Ratzinger stay still secretly ready with their fascist army under a habit and hood and use monasteries and church facilities but also worldly buildings for their torture and for organised criminality! Even Cardinals, bishops and clergy, who have blown the whistle secretly were murdered or are being sent into isolation and are being threatened to be framed. 
These are the real tactics and ongoings, and one day they can no longer keep their sewage system from overflooding from their own excrement that they leave after Satanist rituals for lower ranks of clergy to clean up from the altar, whom they refer to as ‘slaves in the naves’. 
Ask even royal chaplains and deans and bishops, and archbishops, who openly boast, how they with G&T from the baptism font toast after an orgy, and who openly recruit for freemasonry and groom young boys and men first into deaconry with rape under the cape and into male church circuit prostitution and then via gentlemen’s clubs also into strategically placing their ‘proteges’ into many an academic institution.
 Dangerous associations, the churches under diplomatic immunity in the United Nations, in all sorts of joint enterprise criminal organisations from the lurches. And the real beasts are still hoping, if they quietly enough loose ends kill internationally, they can proclaim secretly the devil at Easter as their Master again in their Judas Eucharist feasts! 
Who has made yet another foul deal under impunity and under the official secrets act?! Everybody, who has sold out the faith of Jesus Christ and who never had in the first place a soul and who rather worships mammon and vices than to be a peacemaker and peacekeeper and to bring justice through the truth. 
I stay meanwhile well away from an institution of hell with a bell that under fake piety and with greed spreads really weed and worship of a golden cow, who did on herself a crown as a mother bestow, who was neither holy nor a virgin but who simply wanted to be the only ruler of the empire of evil and who claimed it for herself by secretly running a smokescreen of a church within the Judas church – Jesus Christ never once said that one has to attend mass and the books that were supposedly his teachings were for a large part fraudulent and scrolls manipulated by opinion polls sold on by crooks!
 There comes the time, where the churches can no longer keep from emerging their every crime, as they have too many loose ends finally speaking out from the lurches! And for that matter, the secret records of Clemens August von Galen are also of help to bring in the light of the truth Josef Ratzinger out as his own see kelp, as he was already as a young man guest of Herrn Hitler on the Burg, and the secret prince of two empires that he plotted to merge with even two thrones for him – one in the new fascist world order and one of the church that would only know evermore an evil ruler with a Wotan’s touch shore! 
Enough is enough is enough! Where are the journalists, who dare to share what they know from their Erasmus days and scholarship training sessions and are finally,

(before their newspaper is also shut) getting with the facts of unspeakable acts on the churches tough?!
  O, I forgot, a correspondent of the Church matters is the wife of a bishop, and others are also in a marginal conflict of interest in one way or more or another…

Seems like with a press and public relation machine like this the reader does not need to bother, nor with opnion polls that are manipulated and duplicated and facilitated by a member of wider royal family, not to speak of the executives, who conveniently are amongst the same certain royal circles freemasonry and Drury lane, shall we say, organised profitable initiatives?!
Every moment in time filled with deadly silence costs lives to the evil hierarchies’ ritual knives! And there are waiting multitudes of secret children and wives of clergy, who should have been long united but who held out until such a time that they can finally the truth with their heads held up high into the faces of the evildoers in the courts shout!
Not to speak of the children that were created illegally secretly via IVF from stolen eggs, and those stories are not even covered yet, never mind mentioned officially. Perhaps it is time now for the victims to approach matters themselves with the help of stand by judiciary taskforces volunteers legally! 
And they will find that there are many experts at hand, who open their doors on even most hidden floors ready victims of diplomatic immunity and of abused impunity, especially from many a government agency, finally officially for free in legal matters and procedures to coach!
Yes, the Church of England but not just the CoE will definitely change, especially, when the true extent emerges of their organised criminality and abuse of impunity and of their parish borders’ legal entity that was facilitated via the joint inner circle fascist Anglican/Vatican hierarchy on the top of bishopry and via abuse of a royal seal by a former high court judge, who granted simply all an impunity deal, who were on the Drury lane HQ freemasonry and templars paylists for bribery and property! 
Just a few facts of most sinister and outright criminal acts by bishopry, never mind their aryan heresy and smokescreen of fake piety! 
I for my part of such evil certainly no longer partake! Attending any church these days carries the potential of social and physical harm, and of being dragged into organised criminality via joint enterprise, as, make no mistake, there is no official church left that is free of this pestilence and corruption and of greed and it is a dangerous association to be on a parish council board, where members and chairs secretly stolen church treasures hoard and under a stolen identity a plane abroad board to frame a whistleblower on behalf of the bishopry.

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Investigative Sciences Specialist Consultancy

Sigrid E. (Ziggy) Agocsi,



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