Witness protection is one way of blowing the whistle but not too effective, if you yourself have stung your former protection officer yourself with a thistle and committed organised crime and omitted it in your own prosecution office shelf! He might posthumously play on you the drum with the Clangers clung, and let the taskforce angels your arrest warrant to you on a certain melody hum!By Sigrid E. Agocsi


Witness protection is one way of blowing the whistle but not too effective, if you yourself have stung your former protection officer yourself with a thistle and committed organised crime and omitted it in your own prosecution office shelf! He might posthumously play on you the drum with the Clangers clung, and let the taskforce angels your arrest warrant to you on a certain melody hum!
By Sigrid E. Agocsi
Witness protection is one way of blowing the whistle on impunity abusers and a bishops hierarchy of international poison and smokescreen diffusers and inner circle fascist fusers:
When Judas bishops hierarchy abuse impunity to fulfill their kill quota before Easter for their dark Lord and attempt even on bobbies murder, especially a human tissue authority and many a university laboratory and private clinic has no hope left, as it cannot with the former’s cover ups of their victims’ post mortems and the theft and illegal trade of eggs and tissue and bodyparts to cope!

Church hierarchy intertwined with freemasonry not only steals and deals human eggs and tissue and organs and body parts but also deskins skilfully their victims in a ritual slaughter and sells dried human skin as parchment paper for their special death warrant scrolls, or uses human flesh for special leather grand madter hats, accordingly to whistleblowers from top to bottom in a freemasonry hierarchy that is part of each bishop’s own secret society and kingmaking pyramid wharf facility not just in London’s City.
With a scenario from hell like this, also confirmed by a source in Ontario – who would believe the family of murdered former agents and police officers, especially, as the cover ups were committed under abuse of impunity via a corrupt high court judge, who sold on to every con and secret society the royal seal and an additional bonus immunity deal and for an out of hours place in the bench for an orgy with corgy with masked face, and who hid under a shelter agreement made by Elisabeth Windsor and Josef Ratzinger himself from the growing charges register of a prosecution shelf – 
and who offered on his competitors and former colleagues lives also via his freemasonry glove makers’ a bid and had them supply him via Hamburg off a Scottish knife maker his slaughter knives! Not to speak of his secret society HQ in Drury lane, that was headed at times by the Bishop of London as well and by various churchwardens of their secret society, including by certain thinktank members not just Scottish or of Labour, who are highly experienced in flash mobbing at moment’s notice and have a brown family track record of quite unsavioury secret foreign ‘service’ into their own pockets and to their own ends that accumulates not only to infiltration of government facilities for mass murder and sponsoring secret terror organisations but also for high treason, including towards the crown.
Tricky it got, when the culprits also started to fiddle with accounts of secret laboratories and stole and diverted funds of pulpits and human remains and abducted and trafficked victims via their ivory trade mole within the Met and each bishops’ and freemasonry grandmaster’s -female and male- own inner fascist net, as once too often they their various affiliations in the U ited Nations to inform of the hostages forgot and left them in cages to rot!
These kind of scenarios were known but even in highest places ritual knives were pointed and gloves with an assassination threat for the wives and children of leaders or officers or priests left at a crime scene of burglary or crof theft, should they dare the facts of unspeakable criminal acts with the authorities to share!
But it has come to the point that the vipers, blackadders and snakes no longer can be sure, whether they really have enough poison left for Chrism mass, when they pretend the oil to bless, with which they only at face value to Jesus Christ’s spiritual church anoint but simultaneously themselves as wolves in sheep clithes appoint, 
and whether they have sufficient numbers of hereditary thugs and imported drugs left to bribe, blackmail and bully even councils or governments into submission, as the truth seems to be emerging lately and always to provide for victims, witnesses and whistleblowers the right cure and the way forward in hope, faith and trust in justice and peace as the only solution to end the organised criminality committed by the smokescreeners of empty elocution! 
It is serious, when a scientist has to go to a church to blow the whistle on the organised criminality of high places with very well-known public faces, only to find that a bishop, who did pretend him a helping hand to lend, did also the law in his very regulating tissue authority bend and the DNA and residue did provide a clue that the bishop did repeatedly offend!
Turn to the MI5, if you have a concern and observation that is endangering the safety of not just this nation! And don’t bother to go to a consultation meeting, if you have about certain people suspicions and find in your heart the slightest hesitation, as many members of hierarchies have enlisted even their secret societies against their own sister or brother, father or mother.
The truth, and nothing but the truth sets you free, especially from a most corrupt and rotten as it is unbegotten and a self-declared infalliable and most unsavioury unholy see of not just Vatican cameos but of simply criminal and utterly evil bishop and other such crowned and sin gowned toad frowned chameleons! 

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Inside the body farms where human remains decompose in the name of science

Research kills, if a secret fascist hierarchy leading positions in many a university with its cohorts fills! Time that every academic and professional finally on the secret societies in their midst the beans with the facts of most criminal and covered-up acts spills! And for journalists to share all for free with persons of trust in true authority and with integrity, especially, when they can use for whistleblowing their diplomatic immunity in the diplomatic community! As speaking the truth is for lasting peace and for justice a must!
By Sigrid E. Agocsi
Research even kills, if a secret fascist hierarchy the leading positions of many a university and company with its cohorts fills, and in real researchers and students not just fears of organised death instills but also injects its members with IVF, and raises and slaughters the whistleblowers’s sons and daughters ritually and all the wrong and purposefully ignorant pseudo-scientific or secretly pro-fascist professors internationally praises, and about torture and human rights issues never even an eyebrow raises, as the organised criminals under diplomatic immunity or secret society impunity cover up and hide their every victim’s bone and skull and tissue!
And don’t get me even started on the pseudo-child psychologists, who are secretly also fascists in all sorts of cultural disguises, of whom each drugs and intimidates and annihilates a child victim physically and psychologically, whilst pretending by singing ‘A-tissue’ to the abused children of the elite and honours list members den them a helping hand to be lending! As a Chinese dragon has also on her psychological NHS practice finally farted, as her own child blew the whistle and from her mother parted!

One wonders,what so-called elite medical and biological research …

Sigrid E Agocsi

15 Oct 2015 – … semi-retirement some very surprising and reverse and counterproductive results yield… Further reads: Prof. Nieschlag, Muenster; Prof. Alan F. Dixson

@SigridAgocsi: Creative out of the box approaches: Little Toshi says: ‘I want my true Mummy, and so d… https://t.co/yvjc2i30Ba

Little Toshi says: ‘I want my true Mummy, and so do my brothers and sisters, and not those illegally to IVF treated fascist maternal female or male pretender, who is an honours list candidate and law bender and repeat offender and extortionate templar knight money lender and to a whole hierarchy of Vatican and Anglican demons a contender! We are the victims of the secret fascist laboratory that disguises as oratory!’
By Sigrid E. Agocsi

Little Toshi says: ‘I want my real mummy, and not a Vatican-Anglican bribed secret society maternal pretender, who cannot even my name nor her own real name to anybody officially tell, as she had me illegally via IVF for some money, property and templar knights and freemasonry fame! I want my true mummy now, whose egg (me) was from her stolen because she is a peace and truth loving and whistleblowing dame! I know my mummy from my dreams and every time I called her she answered my screams! She knows also, how I look like, and I no longer will stay in that evil house paid for by some Mr Pell, where he and a Mr Dixson and a Mr Nieschlag do on me and others ‘research’ and classify my genes! I simply will from that devil’s primate hatch run away and follow the little mouse that whispered to me a warning and promised to send in the MI5 for a raid! And my mummy is 

already waiting for me and our whole batch, as all the other children in that laboratory, which is disguised as an oratory do also her DNA match! Each is my sister or brother, and we all want my real mummy as our one and only mother! And I overheard a high court judge say in a hurry, when he left even the paprikas and a curry behind hastily to a cardinal and a professor of the Medical Research Council that they ‘need not anymore in any shore with bribery or threats against whistleblowers and victims and former allies bother, as the Vatican and Anglican creed had become too obviously weed and was visibly only ever inspired by greed and with organised criminality provenly sustained, and that the last pope got over it already fired and that every license to kill had also expired, as once too often had the evil axis of the Ratzinger Taxis taken an even more drastic fall into hell’ abbyss, when the curia and their secret consorts abused their diplomatic immunity even and especially preferably in every foreign country!’ ‘By the way’, little Toshi continues, ‘if anybody sees my mummy before I get to her, could they, please, let her tell from me that I learnt even to break that cardinal’s evil streak, simply by singing to him a certain song and by smiling at him with my true mummy’s smile, and his fear of that combination made strong and I even found him shedding a repentant tear, as he knows only too well that from now on the whole Vatican and Anglican fascist shore will have to behave and the cross of every victim’s life and whistleblower’s life’s loss to bear, as me and my siblings lived the truth to tell of a so-called elite research clinical hell under a bell!’ 


240/F – State Library of New South Wales /Serials


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Alan Dixson – Victoria University of Wellington

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One wonders,what so-called elite medical and biological research …

Sigrid E Agocsi

15 Oct 2015 – … semi-retirement some very surprising and reverse and counterproductive results yield… Further reads: Prof. Nieschlag, Muenster; Prof. Alan F. Dixson …


Investigative Sciences Specialist Consultancy

Sigrid E. (Ziggy) Agocsi

Consultant and forensic poet, writer and artist

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Investigative Sciences Specialist Consultancy

Sigrid E. (Ziggy) Agocsi,



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