War of Waves: An Overview and Insight of Psychological Warfare Methods, by Sigrid E. Agocsi

  War of Waves: The Abuse of sound and music and other psychological and technological torture methods for warfare – a musicologist’s and singer’s and voice teacher’s interdisciplinary journey from heaven into an artificially created noise hell!
by Sigrid E. Agocsi



When you work with sound, music, frequencies in the intent to heal trauma in human beings or to expand their inner potential to let them grow steadily from rosebud to blossom, you would not even in your worst nightmare dreams contemplate that anybody might want to inflict harm on any fellow human being.
In my practice I have come across numerous whistleblowers and people with PTSD from a variety of experiences and sources and evil games of psychological warfare and torture and framing and gaslighting and murderous plots that they had endured.
 I could always relate well to them, as we shared a lot of the same experiences or I seemed to be able to intuitively know, how to at least counteract their distress and ease their agony and pain and sense of hopelessness, having survived numerous attacks myself, and the right tools of various methodologies applied creatively and individually along with good old fashioned compassion go a long way, where knowledge of a whole picture is incomplete, as we all spend our lives to put the pieces of our lives together individually but also collectively.
After all, selfless human beings with integrity are a kind of rare inter-ethnic minority and have always been in the front firing line of all individuals, organisations and secret spiderwebs, who only ever act out of envy, greed and obsession with power as their creed, and in whose ways the mild-mannered and peaceful and out of the box creative thinking and living individuals with only ever peace and human dignity and truth and justice on their mind stand.
People, who do NOT attach a price tag to their soul for bribery or who do NOT put a prize on somebody’s life with a freemasonry draw of a ritual knife slaughter via a straw or a game of the dice or cards or the tossing of a coin over an assassination or slanderous false accusation, do only ever out of real interest and in the quest for the truth in all matters any society that often only poses as charitable and virtuous join, and are thus more or less quickly disillusioned, when they find that they have again been stranded in yet another organisation that has only in title and empty statutes and elocution itself as ‘leading’ in all sorts of academia or common interest with much PR branded.
To cut a long journey here short: I came to the point, where I realised that just like my clients I was up against many powers and principalities, who were not at all pleased with my findings and research, as soon as I started to see through their evil smokescreens and uncovered that all the tools for healing I had been acquiring and using and refining and expanding continuously over many years were in fact abused for psychological warfare.
When I started first publishing my findings on my blogs, I had soon been targeted by mystery clients and whistleblowers alike for voice healing sessions and interdisciplinary exchange. The more the readership grew the more I was purposefully attacked even from many a mercenary in a church pew to destroy my reputation and I was suddenly by some formerly supportive organisations and institutions ignored and then actively threatened and fought with all means of illegal warfare under abuse of impunity.
And there came the point, where I realised that hardly anybody on a certain level, especially in church circles but also in the world of academia and media and creative world were, what they seemed to claim at face value, and that a worldwide fascist inner circle was evermore pushing hard their agenda and took shape as one body with many heads and tails in universities, church hierarchy and all walks of life via even and especially freemasonry and old templar knights disguises even in sponsored borrowed Muslim terrorist clothes, and with certain rabbis secretly teaming up with old fascist werewolves connections in new formation.
By that time whistleblowers from within the churches but also from agencies had whispered to me or entrusted their concerns and I simply published them in my blogs to serve the truth and peace and justice. I realised from a certain stage that I needed to keep my distance from many of my former social circles and even from my family, as I was threatened not just with my life and exposed to murderous attempts but also my friends and family! 
And I also went into a kind of self-induced voluntary protective custody with the help of my whistleblowing friends, who had been framed and even been targeted as loose ends as police ofgicers and MI5/6 agents, as the inner fascist circles infiltrated all European and international agencies and had strategically even certain high judges in their paypockets, who signed any cover ups and cleaning up papers under abuse of their seal!
I had always wondered during my university time, why f.ex. my musicology professor had been also a gynecologist, and one day the answer came to me via yet another uncovered illegal ongoing in international IVF labs that stole and sold eggs for their fascist experimentation hell in many a nation and Prof. Brockhoff was onto them along with other academics, who knew only too well that there were still many secret Nazis in a cathedral pew even at a Penderecki Quadrophonia premiere, who wanted to kill not just me as loose end but as many of the secret network against fascism.
So I stayed at home that night and did not attend the otherwise fateful concert in the dome, which, so I was much later later told, was due to me being the secret granddaughter of Clemens August von Galen. Little did I know at the time that I was already back then on Josef Ratzinger’s assassination list, as my family sheltered me from all family history, and I had been only very gradually ‘briefed’, at first through gentle hints and pointers, later through personal messengers after my father’s death.
I have always felt a strong sense of moral duty and have always spoken out even most uncomfortable truth and I am most humbled and honoured but not intimidated by my responsibility, although many have tried to terrorise and slander and even murder me quite bluntly and unashamedly. 
But I see with grim satisfaction that at least the secret Nazi Prince, who was already as a young man guest on Hitler’s Burg, is no longer Pope, and as long as I live I will stand up to blow the whistle peacefully and creatively, and I pray that the evildoers with their secret heresies do no longer this Easter with their own high treason cope and I do not just hope but trust completely in the one good God Jesus Christ, who kept me and others alive to come forward to lead his flock safely into freedom of slavery.
May those, who sow evil with their deafening and destructive sound have for their victims’ healing the shofar gently to blow and as part of their sentence and punishment and atonement for their sins and crimes they must put all wrong right and give up their noise and smokescreen fight, including that of an Underworld that via Tomato served the devil in many ways as part of their stage show, and who rang also the bell of a George Pell, who did not yet the first thing about his secret Hungarian led human experimentation and torture clinics tell – time to undo also the last silencing spell and to expose, how the Vatican does also via Jorge Bergoglio not just with an investment in a stolen and forbidden strain of polio in greed and genocide overdose – and make that an arrest with Interpol before he puts on for Palm Sunday his vestment and spreads in the breads the infestment!

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Sigrid E. (Ziggy) Agocsi,



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