Centre for Trauma Studies and The Institute for Criminology and Justice:Forensic Social Sciences: Victims, Witnesses, WhistleblowersInterdisciplinary Resources List, Part 1

Centre for Trauma Studies

Centre for Trauma Studies and

The Institute for Criminology and Justice:

Forensic Social Sciences:
Victims, Witnesses, Whistleblowers

Interdisciplinary Resources List, Part 1

List of books and articles about Criminal Psychology | Online Research Library: Questia questia.com/library/crimin…

Forensic Psychology – The Open University:Witness Investigation, free online course
Forensic Psychology – The Open University – FutureLearn

https://www.futurelearn.com › courses

Forensic Psychology: Witness Investigation. Discover how psychology can help obtain evidence from eyewitnesses in …
What is Gaslighting?
The use of character assassination to isolate the target
What is gang stalking?
Gang stalking described
psychiatric reprisal | Psychotronics & Psychological Warfare! geeldon.wordpress.com/tag/psychiatri…

Criminal intelligence analyst job information | National Careers Service shar.es/1Cceue via @sharethis

http://jjwestcotthouse.blogspot.co.uk, http://



Investigative Sciences Specialist Consultancy

Sigrid E. (Ziggy) Agocsi,


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