Update of ICJ report on organised paedophilia, grooming and rape

Update on key-findings of Institute for Criminology and Justice report into grooming and rapes of non-gay men by Vatican and Anglican bishopry under abuse of impunity,

By Sigrid E. Agocsi

Neither confirmed nor denied by MI5:

Accordingly to retired MI5-agents and by an inner fascist circle that exists across agencies targeted Met officers, who had to go into hiding to become whistleblowers/witnesses, they feared for their lives, as they had become loose ends in cover-up operations not just of freemasonry’s ritual knives but that were also sanctioned, ordered and/or covered up under abuse of a secret senior MI6 rank authority and of Southwark cathedral’s status by the dean, who, accordingly to the witnesses and victims or their families, ‘had ordered a lot of cover ups of Drury lane HQ based paedophilia networks and loose end assassinations, incl. of agents, who showed conscience and who blew the whistle on organised criminality of the dean’s secret affilliations or simply, because they knew too much and had written it down or left a paper trail in their little black book and recognised him in the pew also as a spook and demasked Southwark crook.’

Furthermore, impunity and diplomatic immunity was abused by the dean and other high ranking hierarchy members of Vatican and Anglican churches from the lurches to accomodate and facilitate orgies and organised church treasure theft, human trafficking, organ trade and human egg theft and illegal concentration camp like experimentation in hijacked MI6 and cathedral owned facilities and and triple accountancy across denominations and the two sees’ combined nations and mercenary stations under the pretence of the cross ordination.

Whistleblowers of the Met and MI5 and MI6 reached out in vain to the main press that failed to expose the ongoings and thus the former were left unprotected in often a state of total isolation, whilst the evildoers and predators on highest levels continued unashamedly and undisturbedly in free cocaine to overdose across the corrupt parts of the aristocracy and parties and celebrities sheltered illegally under Mr Whitaker’s abuse of the high court seal with their organised paedophilia, ritual slaughter, sexchem grooming of victims and other organised criminality in many a public scenery like the Shard, or cathedral and church and priory, where they even left carelessly their DNA and bloody and faeces’ mess.

Officers in Lambeth and Southwark were attacked but also in Westminster and innocent clergy were also hacked, whilst the highest ranking culprits continued their blasphemy and organised criminality mix from the pulpits and gave themselves in Wescot House or Pusey House in addition to the cathedrals in drugs and exchange of latest mercenary thugs a quick loose ends fix!

One nun of a notorious pseudo-priory, who also eventually blew the whistle on Mr Nunn, says in riddles and utmost, as exposed, bitter:’What could we do against the Harvard Shard and Southwark lard cat litter of a thistle bribed and fired MI6 high shot gun, who gave even us a hard time but also impunity from prosecution, as he seemed to know about our own operations of organised crime and had us in his hand, not just with a black magic wand but with his own hijacked MI6 hell’s machinery?!’

Accordingly to whistleblowers Chemsex and sex changing drugs were traded and used as incentives for young non-gay men to change into a secret life under the rule of an internationally associated hierachy as part of a new career and way of life.

Rape and gang rape and other torture was used by bishops and cardinals also as part of a punishment for whistleblowers.

The chemsex drugs were also used forcefully as part of rapes of non-gay men and as part of grooming in top church hierarchy circles, overlapping in Vatican and Anglican cathedral and church orgies as well as in law chambers and other public places.

Impunity and diplomatic immunity plus freemasonry status were abused for organised criminality and abuse of seals and authority also for widespread cover ups of even ritual murder and major crimes by top hierarchy and all ranks also of other secret societies that have their shared HQ in the Drury lane temple and in places in Cambridge, Oxford, Romford, Brighton and elsewhere, like in Croydon, Westminster Cathedral, St Paul’s and other cathedrals and churches like St Magnus, accordingly to victims and/or whistleblowers.

Private clinics, nursing homes and illegally hijacked NHS facilities were also used for orgies and for torture and organised criminality, even for illegal transplantations and enforced abortions and sex change experimentation.

Bodyparts were also stolen from organisations illegally and ritually abused within such orgies.

Worrying is especially the illegal facilitation of enforced adoption via framing unassuming and innocent parents of vulnerable or simply as desirable targeted children, with members of highest legal and clerical and clinical circles conspiring to remove a child forcefully under abuse of authority from the birth family and to sell the child into a gay couple’s secret society family in joint enterprise!

Young boys were accordingly to whistleblowers ‘acquired’ in this way and also teenage partners for older gay men in ways of socially harming strategies and via grooming with presents, clothes, drugs and a rich life style and high flying career.

Whistleblowers were silenced and threatened or killed in unimaginable ways, often with the help of existing organised crime syndicates that overlap with freemasonry.

There is the same pattern of organised criminality also happening in the female version of freemasonry and there are combined branches of secret societies with a fascist empire ideology that also abuse widespread authority in social services for abuse and organised criminality and that have been thus keen on their own seal of Lord bishopry.

The author urges all victims and whistleblowers, including investigative journalists, to contact the MI5 in confidence.
Celebrity barrister, 35, admits buying party drugs that killed his teenage boyfriend from a BBC producer during an all-night ‘chemsex’ orgy inside legal chambers



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