The Institute for Criminology and Justice: Forensic Social Sciences: New Report: Psychological warfare against Victims, Witnesses and Whistleblowers of organised criminality and corruption Key Findings from a paper and online survey with 200 participants, who described themselves as victims, witness and/or whistleblowers By Sigrid E. Agocsi

The Institute for Criminology and Justice:
Forensic Social Sciences:
New Report:
Psychological warfare against

Victims, Witnesses and Whistleblowers of organised criminality and corruption
Key Findings from a paper and online survey with 200 participants, who described themselves as victims, witness and/or whistleblowers
By Sigrid E. Agocsi

* The key findings of the report are based on a confidential paper and online questionnaire with 200 participants, who described themselves as victims, witness and/or whistleblowers of organised criminality and corruption.
* Most witnesses and whistleblowers had also been initially or have become victims themselves in the process of investigation, f.ex., when they ignorantly stumbled over evidence and draw the right conclusions or discovered tempered or manipulated evidence and even complete cover ups in their agency, company, university, school, hospital or church hierarchy, to name but a few backgrounds.
* The victims, witnesses and whistleblowers had all been approached at one point by individual neighbours, friends, family members, teachers, superiors or colleagues either for recruiting them with hidden or open bribery in exchange for staying silent.
* When bribery failed, and witnesses and whistleblowers refused to be themselves informants they were fought with intimidation via gaslighting, group and gang stalking, and more violent or non-touch torture methods.
* All participants named secretive networks like freemasonry and templar knights but also less obvious societies within academia, politics, multi/media, arts, companies, agencies, and charities with a hidden agenda as keyplayers of evil in their organisation, who started to infiltrate always with one member first and then gradually sabotaging and framing a whole department via also outside moles until victims or whistleblowers would be sacked or placed in less important roles.
* Academic and professional networks, incl. trade unions, were thus sabotaged by a silent spiderweb of evil entities, who had their eyes and ears, wherever the targets were moving, via bribery and threats and brutal force and assassination.
* ALL of the participants were aware that ‘something felt suddenly wrong’; three police officers stated:’All the good ones are suddenly gone or being framed or attacked.’

* Freemasons and Templar knights but also certain secretive scholarly and academic elite networks were named as the most prolific ones and successful in plotting, carrying out and covering up organised criminality, as they have members in high and highest places, who would abuse their seal and authority for facilitating systematic organised criminality, espionage and even crimes against humanity.
* The implications are vast! And the response to the severity of the organised criminality and to the fascist and other extremist terror that happens chillingly concertedly and strategically must be an interdisciplinary one and out of the box as well and fast!
* The secret webs are not as isolated or independant as they want to appear to the public but the perpetrators are secretly united in a strategy and union of greed, envy and power lust, and accordingly to the victims, witnesses and whistleblowers, who are also from all walks of life but also from highest places, the plots are employing all latest psychological but also biological and chemical and technological warfare techniques, which are evermore wider and even for younger ages freely available.
* All participants expressed their frustration as often having been dismissed at first, or slandered with their reputation or risked being taken off an operation and of being framed, when they perpetrators or the right keypoints named. Many officers and agents were even treated and attacked as loose ends but this was also the case with other professionals or persons, who had happened just to be at the right place at the wrong time and had heard or seen, what they were not supposed to.
* There were also participants, who implicated academic and university and further education networks and exchange and scholarship organisations and student unions as ‘closed groups with a hidden and criminal or conspiracy agenda’ that became more apparent, when it came to framing colleagues or stealing work from fellow students or by attracting funding from lobbies that was in fact for illegal projects and experimentation but covered by the licence holders, the researchers, and by corrupt members of infiltrated regulation authorities, who all turned out to be from the same network or society.
* Another point that was made by participants was that many ‘All welcome’ and AGMs of such societies, even if they are appearing as a wider interest group or even a public event or charity organisation they are even and especially in schools, churches, hospitals or universities and museums/galleries etc. abusing the attendees simply for an alibi and for numbers and fundraising.
* All participants stated that they had been stalked and threatened in many hidden but also open ways in their every aspect of life and that their private sphere was intruded, their pets poisoned (in one case the dog was even placed in washing machine cycle, and in another a whole tropical fish tank poisoned).
* Some participants had been subjected to arson, criminal damage in their house, physical attacks, slander,

threats to ‘chop off your breasts or ears’ or ‘to deskin you like we did to your friend’ etc.
* Some were falsely accused or threatened with false reporting to social services or police to frame them with false evidence for a crime they did not commit.
* All participants have at least been subjected to threats and many went into isolation, and some also went into hiding and into witness protection in various ways, as they felt not safe anymore, and changed location and even names.
* One witness from an estate that is subjected to multiple crime circles run by Templars, church hierarchy, fascist spiderwebs and freemasons, but also by Muslim extremists and Indian knife movements, who also run and sponsor gangs and said:’Whenever a former resident from our estate moved away -they all moved to Essex- they died within four months at the latest, and nobody knew why…

Institute for Criminology and Justice,
Resources List:
Forensic Sciences/Psychological Warfare Analysis of Methods/Criminal Psychology/Offender Profiling/Criminal Intelligence analysis: Interdisciplinary Resources,
by Sigrid E. Agocsi

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Some thoughts on criminal analysis of contemporary challenges but that are in reality as old as mankind but for the first time victims of organised criminality no longer do as they are by leaders told, who do the law not respect nor peace and justice uphold and who sell even the integrity of a royal seal for a new world order across the border deal and who tell anything to anybody over a poisonous meal!
By Sigrid E. Agocsi
There is a core host but also an ever growing horizon of interdisciplinary approaches and collaboration of classic forensic sciences and newer disciplines and evolving ones. Crimes and terror challenges have become more multi-layered and complex and any assistance is appreciated that contributes to preventing crimes and attacks as well as to solve existing cases.
Society as a whole is from Occident to Orient globally faced with local components and long established criminal links and organised criminality that are increasingly operating not just locally but also worldwide. The more we can see through their veil of silence the better we can identify their structure and patterns of a hidden and forbidden death cult shore, and can tell, when they go bust with their power lust, as no longer they can steal under a different name illegally and unblushingly many a third party letter or offer to their mercenaries in the community a bribery deal or poisoned meal!
Secret societies, including the ones that were hidden in church hierarchy and other religious and political and legal institutions and also within monastery or military infrastructures were for centuries built illegally under abuse of impunity and on their crimes hardly ever seriuosly challenged unless the build up of scandal was no longer possible to keep under lock.
Templar knights and other knights orders, freemasons, Rosecrucians, Anabaptists and other such entities infiltrated successfully vital powers and principalities and used the tools of bribery, threats and the whole spectrum of psychological and physical warfare to torture combined with organised criminality strategically under a smokescreen of religion and/or double-faced heresy.
Grand masters of secret orders were purposefully chosen from the old ruling family ranks and placed in high positions of power and all ranks were in many ways involved in community and official affairs and often made community and professional leaders, chairs, presiding judges with access to sensitive data and seals, which they then abused to blackmail even whole governments and to shadow all ongoings and workings with their own ‘ghosts’, who would make and bring down kings and queens of secret societies often as a dinner host.
Many a strategic marriage was also made that way, and started via a secret society raffle draw, in which some would for lesser crimes and others for murder draw a straw on their climb of the snake ladder.
Often used as a system of increasing ‘power’ and advancement were the ten commandments reversed and lived out in vices! Or simply via card games or a throw of dices!
If mankind knew that they had been as human beings sold on as slaves in naves by evil bishops and criminal churchwardens, each a con, in a pew, the former and whistleblowers with a conscience might have not ended prematurely in an anonymous grave and whole hierarchies would have had themselves to behave.
We experience at the moment worldwide a last fight of and by a beast that has only its severed body still going berzerk in its downfall and destruction of its own construction of delusional and with greed and power obsessed heads and tails of secret societies that have been butchering and slaying each other for each wants an ever bigger slice of a new world order of evil and thus, all thinktanks give conflicting self-serving advice.
We live in a society that no longer can afford the silence and complacency most people chose over taking up actively their responsibility. Corruption starts in very tiny steps, and if a community stays quiet even on murder in a midst or on drug and other related silent or violent organised criminality, it was already long corrupted in unseen ways, and many were on bribery in one way or another or favours keen, and turned a blind eye even or took part even themselves in a crime against their neighbour.
What they did not realise or consider is that they are thus already part of a dangerous association and are intentfully acting in joint enterprise, often even boastingly, as the various sectet societies were thorough and reached with their tentacles even into vital agencies and emergency services and threatened or framed or falsely shamed even police officers and undercover agents, who tried to bring down this culture of abuse of impunity by a corporate vulture.
We are all asked as citizens to stand up peacefully but most effectively against the evil of organised criminality, as it is just around the corner and lingering even in a formerly decent community, and it has come to the point that even churches and places of once community life have been infiltrated and the trust of good human beings been abused and their parishes transformed by as guardians and wardens posing and by a corrupt hierachy and often by bishopry artificially boosted ‘community pillars’, under abuse of political and religious authority and a seal’s impunity.
Churchwardens and community figures turn into market halls of life and death the estates, and treat and groom children as commodity and secret societies have even families in various combinations strategically hidden as sleepers for crime and terror acts, or who store stolen artefacts and plot and build bombs for mass tombs behind the neighbouring wall, and who via their already in warfare trained children abuse even the school playground as training facility for an inhuman bloodhound and as prolonged arm of their computer game warzone!
Just like in Red Riding Hood’s tale, not every male or female werewolf is clearly identifiable as savage beast but s/he might even pose as peace acticist and is inside a ready to strike terrorist and fascist, who has already in his pocket a whole assassination list…


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