ICJ: Some Keynotes on Investigations into the dangerous associations and joint enterprise in the United Nations’ territory: ‘Give the voiceless a voice and make to the truth in your conscience your choice’! By Sigrid Agocsi

The Institute for Criminology and Justice: 



Some Keynotes on Investigations into the dangerous associations and joint enterprise in the United Nations’ territory: ‘Give the voiceless a voice and make to the truth in your conscience your choice’! 

By Sigrid Agocsi

Joint Enterprise and Dangerous Associations via infiltration of companies, unions, charities, education and health and research organisations with inner circles of a bored and with greed and abuse of power and impunity obsessed high society are a long established reality but were for a long time a taboo topic in most crime investigation scenarios.
Numerous agents and officers laid down their lives silently under the official secrets acts in various nations and due to various other regulations that prevented them from whistleblowing, when they themselves had become loose ends to numerous criminal and cover up operations, which left them morally torn in their conscience and even their families bereft and forlorn and very often they were also left with a false accusation and frame and wrong shame and blame on the wreath by many a black rose secret society with an extra poisonous thistle and thorn!
WHO would do such a thing to a civilian in a church pew or to a decent law enforcement crew and force them to become an instrument or victim of an evil that has many luxurious and fake-piety and even monarchy and papal and church hierarchy as its guises and at its disposal?!
WHO, we should ask to prevent further organised crime from those in charge of laboratories and universities and monasteries and priories and of all public services and institutions and especially from those, who pose as charities or political entities and abuse their status even in the United Nations and in organisations that deal with the most vulnerable and poor!
WHO is the mole on every level with access to human beings and their DNA – and make that also a teacher or manageress or receptionist in a child care centre or school or nursery, who from children hair and teeth and items for later DNA-identification and laboratory manipulation stole! 
WHO is the mole in a company or research authority or medical council with either a quiet arrangement of a dole or with a visible network of invisible spiderwebs, and who suddenly rises to power just to abuse it or to blacken a colleague’s reputation and integrity?!
There are many players and keyplayers in this evil lame game but it is high time that the United Nations acknowledge the situation and admit that they, too, have been subjected to infiltration and were even betrayed by members of these fascist and new world order elocutionists and secret monopolists, who under abuse of impunity from the law and from human dignity strayed and who accordingly to whistleblowers on mountain tops with their supposed enemies from other religions or countries in a vow to commit evil on every level swayed!

WHO is afraid of a raid and investigation in every single nation into organised criminality on top level hierarchies?! Those secret society members, who are piety and affection fakers from emperor to maid and slave and all they can get takers, and who in joint enterprise and dangerous associations around the globe jetset and perform under their various covers or even crowns and spiderweb and mastermind their infiltration on stages, pulpits or chairs in boardrooms or even on thrones their fake role of UN or local peacemakers! 
Time to let the victims be heard and let them testify about how they escaped – some almost dead and already in a rug draped – every secret false Merlin’s beard organised crime and how even pilgrims not just to Compostella were sacrificed by their masters on the top a la Inca mode, or after just by any butcher blood wrath as a path subscribing self-styled elite group on top of their own Olymp of untruth and evil old rituals reenacting mercenaries!

WHO are the few on the top, who from their rank to bottom of a pyramid do live unashamedly their lust and greed, and who abuse their impunity and diplomatic immunity and their access to a whole government machinery or church hierarchy via infiltration by their every secret society, and who ket even pick and mix and breed the eggs and sperm for a royal or to a corporation loyal heir to a new world order empire of evil, where human beings are to be eradicated and modified and terminated, whenever it suits the latest thrower of the dice with the latest or oldest philosophies of nonetheless in every aspect hazardous headlice?!

Imagine, all the people! Cloned and encaged by those, who, accordingly not just to a late professor of musicology at face value under the cover of a composer and pianist in preparing a grand piano in their own inflated plastic god mania and power obsession for new artificial creation overdose but also in neolutionist beast hatching with human body parts matching and in a masterrace of superiority dedicated even in twelve tones to evil under secret society cones engaged!

From Golem Baking over egg stealing to illegal organs and bodyparts dealing and immoral and secret unlawful clone making and beast hatching, whilst unassuming civilians are also being subjected to undisclosed gene matching and alteration and for many victims it was in a laboratory condition and environment that amounted to involuntary and unlawful incarceration!
WHO?! WHO would do such a thing?! Survivors or family members of such illegal human trafficking and medical slavery did blow the whistle even in a church pew, and each of them seeing top hierachies and lobbyists and all ranks of corrupt pranks hidden under masks but their voice and breath and sound and rhythm of steps remembers!

There has come the time, where we all need to stand up peacefully but most effectively simply by making a stand against organised crime, especially that which is committed under abuse of impunity and of diplomatic immunity, and by asking:WHO wishes upon us this evil?!
And when we take that stand we might first be ridiculed or ignored, then threatened or worse but the evildoer eventually points the finger at himself or herself as the culprit and no longer appoints or anoints their players from the benches or pulpits!
Hear, hear! WHO ? Even there the law enforcement is nowadays near, when turns out that a member of parliament or of the House of Lords misbehaved and abused their authority and diplomatic immunity for greed and organised criminality!
And even plotted to have assassinated persons of interest in their way and to repkace them with clones or have them killed even accidentally by drones…

Compilation of Investigations into human egg theft and organised criminality with human remains and DNA: 
Ask and you will be given the answers: And we all need to ask: WHO is on the top pyramid hierarchies of the organised criminality that illegally maltreat human beings as commodity under abuse of impunity and immunity?! 
WHO wears the masks of the top society and lobby and covers up their murderous hobby and poisons whistleblowers from poisonous flasks?! And WHO has the means to spill the beans on the few, of whom each over the deep rotten and corrupt see hovers and each sells out and lies to millions in their pew?! WHO!!!

By Sigrid E. Agocsi

When human beings are being treated as commodity and their organs, body parts, eggs and sperms are being illegally and often even in slavery conditiins forcefully removed and traded to highest bidders, it is high time to no longer ask ‘why’ on behalf of the victims, as the motive is clear:
 GREED(and in some pseudo-research lobbies also the obsession with power and lust and evil and the delusion of a new world order enforced by an intricate spiderweb of lobbies, secret societies, and by church and other religiously with a neo-creation motivated hierarchies, who abuse their authority and impunity and diplomatic status to spread their wings of old beasts in new disguise via organised criminality –
it is time to ask:WHO is at the top of all the hidden hierachies, as, make no mistake, there are only a few, who are in this lame old game of destructive warfare in all ways not at all new, and whose tentacles reach to and from even into a courtroom’s or church pew or into schools and hospitals and all sorts of public places, where civilians are being attacked and ‘researched’ without their knowledge and consent, and in some instances there is even involved a whole network of assassins in habits and hoods and beast hatchers and hormone changers under the roof of many a convent, where organised criminals and mercenaries dress up as priests and nuns and secretly load and exchange illegally guns and drugs and even human embryos, organs and bodyparts and children to sell them on to the next con, who is confirmed in a mobile phone text.
And we better ask as the public and as professionals with ethos, WHO is worldwide subscribing to organised criminality and harvests and auctions off even unborn children for a top devil’s den, not just under the roofs with devil’s hoofs of Wren!
It is high time, as anybody could be landing on an operating table or fake ambulance, where killers in white kittels make reality a bloodbath fable on a regular schedule – many whistleblowers lost their lives to the innermost secret circles on a Victorian Ripper path and to the ritual freemasonry, templars and other death cults with wrath and murder as a lifestyle choice!
And some of this also amounts to high treason, when organised criminals and so-called pillars of society can under abuse of impunity and immunity slaughter and butcher and without limits live their evil and notoriety on a scale that the top hierarchies mumble under their curses disguised as blessings over their bloody forensic messings, when they not just incense inhale!
By speaking out aloud and sharing interdisciplinary all also in the cloud one can expose the evil streaking and crow beaking of those, who in their own delusion of a self-styled criminal deity overdose, as simply enforced by bribery and torture and blackmail and other organised criminality is their dark empire’s black magic!
When named and shamed is the WHO behind the WHY, suddenly back from the cold can return many a dead believed and told loose end undercover officer and can finally testify against the high society mercenaries and self-styled elite of superiority thinking and Judas cup drinking, as most perpetrators are anyway underneath their luxurious perfumes of their own dragon’s den’ lies’ fumes and of sulphur stinking! 
Be bold, and testify, and do never to the truth its horrible reality deny, as numerous victims do on each of us rely!
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Molar pregnancies:Accordingly to whistleblowers some high clearance abusing members of secret societies have sold their access and keys to their societies for illegal and often involuntary but also voluntary experimentation with human and non-human genes and secretly insider shares in major companies hold.
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Inside the body farms where human remains decompose in the name of science
Legislation not just on human Egg Theft but on the ritual slaughter of human remains and of living human beings and of other such heinous organised crime needs just be enforced and summons for culprits on pulpits in the olden ways over the rivers and Sea morsed! 

http://jjwestcotthouse.blogspot.co.uk, http://



Investigative Sciences Specialist Consultancy

Sigrid E. (Ziggy) Agocsi,



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